In every organization regeneration is an obligation that must be done, in order to keep moving forward and benefiting the surrounding environment regeneration becomes essential to an organization. To meet that obligation, HMPD SEMAKU has done the Open Recruitment process that started on  September 23rd 2017 to october 29th 2017. This year HMPD SEMAKU’s theme is “Process Creates quality” with hopes that the newly recruited members would have certain qualities that would be beneficial to those around them.

Open House, one of the series of HPMD SEMAKU’s events

        The long series of Open Recruitment process by HMPD SEMAKU started with  the installment of Open House following the end of Student’s Basic Leadership and Management Training. In this series of Open House,  HMPD SEMAKU had its doors wide open to every medical students of 2016 and 2017 in order to introduce HMPD SEMAKU more close and personal. In this occasion HMPD SEMAKU introduced all the things surrounding HMPD SEMAKU, its divisions, and members of the 2017/2018 management.

        The next items on  the list were the paper based test, interviews, and a series of division Apprenticeships. The paper based test was held to measure the level of understanding that each future recruit of HMPD SEMAKU had on the organization they’re about to join. After the test each future recruit  would undergo a set of interviews to find out their potentials and motivations. Following the interview, every future recruit would do 3 Apprenticeship in 3 different  divisions so that every future recruit  would have work experience and more insights of the divisions within HMPD SEMAKU.

        The HMPD SEMAKU’s open recruitment was closed with a set of grand event of Outbond Activity that was held in DesaWisata Kelor, Yogyakarta where the recruits and current members of HMPD SEMAKU played coordination based games and river exploration together. Followed by friendly closing ceremony between the recruits and open recruitment committee.