Faculty of Medicine and Health Science of UMY committed to provide various facilities to support the teaching and learning process all Medicines Students to be a long life learner doctors in the future.

  1. AMC
  2. Health Assurance (DSM)
  3. Internet
  4. Computer Laboratory
  5. Bio-medics Laboratory
  6. Mini Hospital
  7. PBL Library
  8. Students Center
  9. Unires (University Residence)


1. Islamic Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Science of UMY developed Curriculum-integrated Islamic Medicine through a cooperation with International Islamic University of Malaysia and an expert advisor in Islamic Medicine Prof. Omar Hassan Kasule, Ph.D. The Faculty of Medicine and Health Science Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta acted as the coordinator at the Muhammadiyah Medicine and Health Science Forum (FKKPM), with the mission to create graduates of Medicine and Health Science Study Program with more competence in the Islamic Medicine in the surrounding of Higher Education of Muhammadiyah.

2. E-learning as the Learning Support

Applying E-learning as the learning support through els application (http://els.fk.umy.ac.id) is one of the featured program in this faculty. Students are able to access course material, mini quiz, exercises, and discussion with lecturers or the experts through internet. els (e-learning system) is a moodle based application, a result of the cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. The Faculty of Medicine and Health Science also provides free internet access from 08.00 until 21.00 from Monday to Saturday at the Internet Cafe with capacity of 50 computers; 15 computers in Public Medicine Tutorial Room, 8 computers in Dentistry Tutorial Room, and 11 computers in the Library.

3. International Student Exchange

Through CIMSA(Center of Indonesian Medical Students’ Activities)/MMSA (Muhammadiyah Medical Students’ Activities), this faculty facilitated clerkship program, where the students of The Faculty of Medicine and Health Science Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta exchanged (outgoing students) to take course/clerkship in some hospitals and Faculty of Medicine overseas, such as: Malaysia, Austria, Hongaria, Germany, and a few more European countries. In exchange, we also facilitated some overseas students (incoming students) from Finland, Austria, Japan, etc. to take clerkship in Faculty of Medicine and Health Science of UMY and RS PKU Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.

4. International Summer Course

Every year in July, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science of UMY with MMSA offered International Summer Course joined with Indonesians Students of Faculty of Medicine and Overseas Students of Faculty of Medicine. This course takse main themes in the New Emerging Disease and Tropical Medicine. The course is made to be completed in one-month with interesting method, such as: Expert Course with the Experts of Various field of Medicine, Field Trip, Hospital Visit to see patients with relevant case and exciting social programs.


1.  Islam Islamic Medicine Development

As one of the deed of Muhammadiyah organization, FK UMY develops the studies in the field of Islamic Medicine. All students of FK UMY, after becoming doctors, they have a responsibility of a Muslim doctor to give Islamic medical actions.

2.  Family Medicine Development

One of the main scientific pattern of FK UMY is developing family medicine as one of the featured programs. This is based on the reality where family doctors are very important. Citizens health insurance system development is one of the way of requirement of this family doctors. Every graduates of FK UMY are hoped to be a family doctor. They are provisioned with the competences and management of a family doctor.

3.   Hospital Education Development

To facilitate the teaching learning in Faculty of Medicine and Health Science of UMY, a hospital education is a must. Faculty of Medicine and Health Science of UMY has developed a hospital education model.

4.    Continuing Medical Education

It is a responsibility for an education institution to update the alumni knowledge. FK UMY always held Continuing Medical Education in the field of Family Medicine for its alumni.


1.  RSUD TK II in Central Java and Special Region of Yogyakarta

Public Regional Hospital who has been in a cooperation of UMY are: RSUD Tidar Magelang, RSUD Salatiga, RSUD Purworejo, RSUD Wonosobo,  RSUD Temanggung, RSUD Kota Yogyakarta, RSUD Panembahan Senopati Bantul, RSUD Wonosari, RSUD Wates, RSUD Purbalingga, RSUD Banjarnegara, RSUD Kebumen, RSUD Muntilan, RS Jiwa (Asylum) Magelang and RS Jiwa (Asylum) Grhasia Pakem.

2.  Public/Private Universities in Indonesia

3.  Overseas Universities

Intenational Islamic Univ. of Malaysia, Khon Khaen University (Thailand), Muenster University (Jerman), Jinan University (Ghuangzhou, RRC), Nasional University of Taiwan, Angeles University (Filipina)

4.  Organizations in Indonesia


5.  Organizations in International level